Private & small-group excursions in Barcelona

We suggest that you…

1- Ensure your hotel is not located in the area highlighted in this map

2- Consider and Expedia for good prices and genuine reviews


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Where to Stay in Barcelona


Hotel roomWe can’t suggest one place that would be best for everyone, but we are happy to list some options that our previous guests have praised as great choices.  See the list further down the page.

Also, its a good idea to know in advance which part of town to avoid during night time, so we also prepared a map for you with the areas of the city which are not so pleasant to walk around at night. We should mention that Barcelona is a safe place to visit regardless of where you stay and if you use good judgement then you will have nothing to worry about.  Read our travel tips for more information on how to have an incident-free visit, and remember that when you search our custom map below then anything outside the highlighted area is OK (it is the highlighted area itself that we suggest to stay away from at night time only).

Lastly, If you are a group of 8 persons or more and you book at least one service with us, then we will be happy to contact the hotel on your behalf and get a discount for you as part of our service to you (assuming you haven’t booked it yet – we can’t do much if you’ve booked it already).  As a licensed Tour Operator we can obtain discounted rates from most hotels in Spain and will be happy to pass these discounts to you as a service.  If you are interested, please email us with your group size, dates required, and the type of accommodation you prefer. We are happy to help!


If you prefer to book your accommodation online then or Expedia are good choices.  They offer genuine reviews and ratings from previous guests, and there is often an option for free cancellation.


Here are some good options to consider in Barcelona:

(based on feedback we received from previous guests and sorted by price)

For $100+ consider :

* Hotel Montecarlo
* Villa Emilia
* Apartaments Restaurant Hispanos 7 Suiza
* Hotel Jazz
* Hotel Soho

For $200+ people recommend:

* Hotel Casa Camper
* Hotel 1898
* Roger de Llúria
* Hotel Bagués

For $300+ these hotels have been recommended:

* Alma Barcelona
* ABaC Hotel


When you are ready to book your hotel (or if you have already booked it), make sure that it is located outside the highlighted area in this map by typing the hotel name in the search box. If the hotel shows up inside the highlighted zone then you are staying in an unpleasant area of Barcelona at night and we would recommend that you consider moving to another location.  If the hotel search shows the pin outside the highlighted zone – you are staying in an area that we consider to be pleasant day and night.


If you have any questions we are of course here to help so please feel free to contact us with your questions.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a good night’s sleep wherever your travels take you!

The BDT team